Story of 45-year old man who dresses like a lady to avoid been killed

A 45-year-old man has come forward to defend his extraordinary, meaningless life after following a female lifestyle to avoid being killed.

The man, identified as Samuel Minani aka Baby who also married with four children, has been living a double life for a quarter of a century now since Burundi’s civil war has claimed countless lives.

“I was not born that way. I changed slowly.

He says his decision saved his life.

“I heard a voice from the heart telling me to dress like a woman. Then one day the thieves knocked on my door, looking for the landlord. But I told them that they were only living women, and when they searched the house they did not find the man and left.

However, his decision saw him beaten by other men, something he learns to ignore.

“In the past, men used to love me, but now most people know I’m not a woman,” he told Afrimax.

His wife Irambona Denyse says they share clothes with her husband and she does not bother with him. She adds that Samuel is a real man to her and satisfies her regardless of his lifestyle.

“That’s why we have a big family,” she said.

“We all wear the same clothes – no one has their own clothes. Everyone wears what they want,” she added.

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