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Strathmore University responds to allegation of harassing tiktoker Swiry Nyar Kano

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Strathmore University has answered claims Tiktok content maker Swiry Nyar Kano’s case she was banned from getting to the University’s premises on account of her clothing standard.

As per Nyar Kano, who planned to go to an occasion coordinated by web-based entertainment stage Tik Tok the safety officers at the door banished her from going in as she was not in the invitees list for occasion that was being facilitated at the University amphitheater.

A file image of Nyar Kano who was harassed by Strathmore University.

Nyar Kano says a man connected to the college scrutinized her method of dressing and told her she was improperly dressed to get to the premises of the college. With all due respect in any case, the Tik Toker guaranteed she had no heads up for the occasion clothing regulation adding that her decision of dressing was African.

“For this specific occasion, I didn’t have a clothing standard caution and as a style fashioner, I went for an African texture which wouldn’t have provincial obstruction,” she said.

Strathmore University defense

The college on its part has anyway denied the claims raised by the Tik Tok star saying it never obstructed her from getting to the assembly room where the occasion was being held.

Paul Ochieng’ the University Dean of Students said the substance maker was treated with all regard adding that how she was dressed didn’t mirror the sort of understudies they delivered.

“We have the clothing regulation that is suitable for the idea of the business our understudies join once they leave the organization. We train attorneys, financial specialists, finance specialists, engineers,” he said.

Nyar Kano said the University is yet to apologize to the her even as the University says she was not in that frame of mind of the welcomed visitors.

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