Street preacher orders A lady to Kneel down and receive salvation for not dressing decently.

A video has surfaced online showing a street pastor ordering a lady to kneel down and get prayed for so that she can receive salvation.

The reason why this lady attracted the attention of this street preacher is because of her mode of dresssing.

She is seen in a very short under pants and some bra like top only covering her breasts area and on top of that she has a very transparent peace of cloth which is a bit long than the pants.

The preacher immediately points at her together with her friends to stop just in the street and forces them to kneel down and receive Jesus.

The lady started shouting on the onlookers and demanding them to stop recording the scene. She pleaded but the pastor became more tough and tough until she knelt for prayers.

The preacher prayed for her and after the prayers the preacher gave her some amount to buy decent clothes to put on.

story courtesy: Opera News.

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