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College Student Fakes kidnapping, fraud parents 50,000

Police in Kayole Police Station are confining a 23-year-old understudy who organized a self capturing to blackmail his folks

Edwin Kamau, an understudy at the Makindu Training College brought himself into hijacking on Sunday impeding his dads line and searching for compassion from his mom who he told expected to send Sh70,000 or was in danger of loosing his life to the ‘ruffians’.

A file image of Edwin Kamau

Unfortunate of the circumstance her child was infringed in, the guardians revealed the make a difference to the police and sent Sh10,000 after calls from Kamau continued saying he was helpless before his ruffians. His distressed guardians sent one more Sh40,000 as cops promptly sent off a manhunt for the hijackers.

“In any case, the calls persevered with Kamau let his mom know that his ruffians were nearly killing him. Not entirely set in stone to get the existence of their child, they sent Sh10,000 yesterday through versatile cash and an extra Sh40,000 today,” read the report by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

Anyway after getting the first Sh10,000 in quite a while portable cash wallet, Kamau went to a Thika club where he took the organization of woman who he wanted to make happy with.

His arrangements were anyway destroyed after it turned out the woman had her arrangements as a main priority as well. She spiked his beverage carrying off cash Kamau had gotten.

Kamau would recover cognizance and return to vast calls to his mom with dangers of being helpless before hijackers, but police had found out about the episode and captured him prior to cheating his mom another penny.

“As destiny would have it, the lady ended up being a pishori administrator who bound his beverage with an obscure substance and took the money. Today in the wake of recapturing control of his resources, he called once more and his folks sent a further Sh40,000 which he pulled out and got from his perspective. At this point, analysts had surrounded him” The DCI expressed.

With all due respect, Kamau said he had wasted cash implied for his school charges and had no what other place to get cash to clear and compose his tests.

As per Kamau he did the hijacking close by two of his different companions whose guardians additionally sent the payoff.

Analysts recuperated Sh38,600 from the understudy who is currently in care at Kayole police headquarters forthcoming arraignment in court.

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