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Sudan Fighting: All you need to know about the crisis.

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What is happening in Sudan?

It’s all about fighting between two rival factions: the Sudanese army and a militia group known as the RSF, or Rapid Support Forces.

Since the revolution in the country in 2021, which ended the transitional government installed after the fall of the long-time dictator Omar al-Bashir two years ago, Sudan has been ruled by the military, with the leader of the revolution General Abdel-Fattah Burhan as the ruler. ruler of truth.

The RSF, led by General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo – known as Hemedti – worked alongside the Sudanese army to help keep the army in power.

After Bashir’s ouster, the political transition was expected to culminate in elections at the end of 2023, with Burhan promising a transition to civilian rule. But it seems that neither Burhan nor Dagalo intend to relinquish power. Moreover, they are in a power struggle that led to violence on April 15, 2023.

Since then, members of the RSF and the Sudanese army have engaged in firefights in the capital, Khartoum, as well as elsewhere in the country. Within three days, the violence escalated.

The recent context of the violence was a disagreement over how the RSF militia should be integrated into the Sudanese army. Tensions escalated after the RSF began deploying personnel across the country and Khartoum without direct approval from the military.

But in reality, violence has been simmering for some time in Sudan, amid concerns that the RSF is seeking more control over the country’s economic assets, including its gold mines.

Developments in Sudan in recent days are not good for the stability of the nation or its transition prospects towards democratic governance.

Who are the two men in the middle of the conflict?

Dagalo came to power in the RSF in the early 2000s when he led a militia known as the Janjaweed – a group responsible for human rights abuses in the Darfur region.

While the Sudanese President at the time Bashir was the face of violence against the people of Darfur – and later charged with crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court – the Janjaweed are also held accountable by the ICC. At the same time, Dagalo climbed the ranks.

As head of the RSF, Dagalo has been accused of overseeing a bloody crackdown on pro-democracy activists, including the killing of 120 protesters in 2019.

Burhan’s actions have also witnessed the military leader being severely criticized by human rights organizations. As the head of the ruling army and head of the country’s government for the past two years, he has overseen a crackdown on pro-democracy activists.

What is RSF?

A militia group, the RSF was first formed in 2013 and was first used as a border force.

However, its origin is a notorious militia group – the Janjaweed – which has been accused of many war crimes in Darfur, with human rights organizations claiming that the group was guilty of rape, looting and systematic killing.

He was also accused of killing more than 120 protesters in June 2019.

Currently, the RSF is used to intervene in conflicts – such as Yemen and Libya – as well as control some of the country’s gold mines.

But since the RSF is in competition with the Sudanese army, the two armed forces have been the source of instability in the country.

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