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Susan Kihika petitioned to prove she is a Kenyan citizen

A request to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to compel Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika to prove her citizenship has thrown a stone at the helm of the Alliance United Democratic Party (UDA) candidate.

Complainant Joseph Kimani Njuguna wants the IEBC to bar Kihika from running for Governor of Nakuru on the grounds that she is not a Kenyan citizen due to studying and living in the United States.

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But the Nakuru senator mocked allegations claiming that the citizenship dispute was brought about by people who wanted to oppress her from the race.

Kihika asked why the complainant had moved to the IEBC now when she had already won the Nakuru senate seat.

“So as a senator I was a Kenyan, but now I’m running for governor I’m not a Kenyan anymore? It’s okay God is watching you,” she wrote on Twitter.

Njuguna claimed that Kihika renounced her Kenyan citizenship in 2003 and obtained US citizenship.

“After losing Kenyan citizenship, Susan Wakahura Kihika was obliged under section 10 of the Citizenship and Immigration Act, Chapter 172 of the Kenyan Law to submit applications in the prescribed manner to restore Kenyan citizenship,” the petition reads. .

“Section 8 (4) of the Citizenship and Immigration Act states that it is an offense to have two citizens who fail to express their other citizenship in the prescribed manner.

Njuguna argued that the former Speaker of the Nakuru County Assembly was unconstitutional in his bid to become governor.

“I therefore request that Susan Wakahura Kihika be removed from the forthcoming August 2022 general election of the Nakuru County Governor.”

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