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“Take Covid-19 Vaccine at your own Risk, “Catholic doctors warns Kenyans.

The catholic doctors of Kenya have warned Kenyans against taking the Covid-19 vaccine that arrived in the country on Wednesday with its roll out slated for Friday.

With the number of infected people escalating with each passing day it had been thought a vaccine could be the only way out of the pandemic.

The catholic health professionals however hold a contrary opinion and are advising Kenyans to avoid being injected with the AstraZeneca vaccine with this sentiments aired by Stephen Karanja.

“We advise that a Covid-19 vaccine is unnecessary and should not be given. We appeal to all the people of Kenya to avoid taking it.”a statement from the catholic health professionals read.

They argue that the only way to prevent the spread of the virus was by wearing a face mask, mass testing and treatment incase one tests positive.

What’s your thought as a Kenyan? Will you take the vaccine or?

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