Taliban arrest heroin addicts in Afghanistan and forced them into rehab centers.

After coming to power in Afghanistan, the Taliban vowed to crack down on drug overdose in the country.

A militant group stormed Kabul in search of and detained homeless men, often living under bridges, who were addicted to heroin and methamphetamine.

The Associated Press captured beautiful photos of the raid earlier this week, in which about 150 heroin characters were rounded up, beaten and forced into a drug rehabilitation center.

The heroin authorities in Kabul were arrested by the Taliban and taken to a medical facility.

Homeless heroine rulers were arrested by Taliban militants and taken to Avicenna Medical Hospital for medical treatment just outside Kabul.

The hospital was formerly Camp Phoenix, a military base set up by the US military in 2003, but is now a treatment center for alcoholism with a capacity of 1,000 people.

The Taliban arrested heroin addicts in Kabul and burned all their property in piles.


The Taliban arrested several men under a bridge in the Kabuz district of Guzargah before taking them to the district police station.

Activists burned all the properties of drug addicts in piles, including drugs, wallets, knives, rings, pans, a box of juice.

Many families of drug addicts do not know where they are, AP said.

Drug addicts detained during a Taliban raid are being shaved after arriving at a medical facility.

“These people have been abducted for three months and imprisoned,” Mat Southwell, a British technical adviser to drug-reducing NGOs in Afghanistan who had previously visited Avicenna, told VICE World News.

“They will receive very little medical care and their needs will not be met. Upon release, they will begin using the drug again.


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