Tanasha Donna confirms that she refuses to be in Diamond ‘nitaanzaje’ video.

Tanasha Donna has confirmed that she turned down an offer to appear at Diamond Platnumz’s recent jam, “Nitaanzaje”.

She confirmed during a ceremony to listen to Ali Kiba’s new album “Only One King” held at the Trade Mark Hotel in Nairobi. “Yes, I did, but I don’t want to talk about it.”


Diamond Platnumz had planned to shoot a ‘Nitaanzaje’ video with his baby mama Tanasha Donna. But that didn’t happen because he had to fly a model from Dubai.

Speaking on Wasafi Media, Music Director Hanscana revealed that Tanasha would refuse.

“The very first person who was supposed to shoot the video as a contractor was Tanasha Donna. Diamond called her about it but the next day she changed her mind and told me that we should take a picture with a Dubai girl.”

“He (Diamond) said he had shot a ‘Gere’ video with hee but she was the first priority.”

Tanasha had also gone to Zanzibar recently to shoot her other song. His fans should expect something new soon also revealed that he and Diamond’s nemesis Ali Kiba could work together on a partnership in the future.

“We (Tanasha and Ali Kiba) are under the same distributor, so now we are a big family and anything can happen.”

Tanasha and Alikiba worked together in the past in the ‘Nagharamia’ jam where she was the actress in the video shown.

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