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Tangatanga woke up to sad news this morning after Kositany replacement.

Tangatanaga allies are feeling the heat as they continue suffering from the sharp punishment fromtheir party. DP Ruto defected from working closely with his boss president Uhuru Kenyatta and it is costing those close to him.

According to KTN NEWS”Jubilee party removes MP Caleb Kositany from the deputy secretary general position . He will be replaced by Hon Joshua Kutuny.

This comes after some senators were expelled from Jubilee party after betraying the party. The removal of Caleb Kositany excited section of Kenyans who hinted that the only thing remaining to finish of DP Ruto is this.

This is what netizens tweeted;

“And now another night of toothless lamentations from Tangatanga after dewhipping of Caled Kositany by ‘system’ . The defeathering of DP Ruto is now almost complete. All that remain are DP Ruto’s parastatal heads. Over to you tangawizi.”

“This is deep state has no mercy. Kutuny is serving his second term from cold five years because of the same mistake. Now they are replacing him with Caleb to incite residents against him. Kutuny should decline if he want to secure his seat in 2022.

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