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The anti-IMF loan petition hits 300,000 signatures from Kenyans.

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After the IMF accepted to give Kenya a loan of 255 billion Kenyan shillings, there has been a lot of heat going on the social media pages. According to the terms and conditions of the loan , the money is due within the next 38days after loan received.

Kenyans made an anti-IMF loan petition of collecting signatures online inorder to stop the loan receivement. So far there have been 300,000 signatures agreeing with the petition and the aim is to collect over 5million signatures.

The loan was supposed to help in curbing the Covid-19 virus that seems to be in the third wave in the country.

Kenyans want President Uhuru first to account for the previous money he received so that to avoid corruption as the taxpayers are the ones who suffer the most with the payment of the loans.

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