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The Difference In Viewers during the Head of State Speech and His Deputy Speech in Nyayo

Kenyans have taken to social media to denigrate the head of state for his leadership in the Jubilee government. The country’s president has been facing heavy opposition from Kenyans recently. His government has been repeatedly questioned about commodity inflation. His choice for the leader of the Declaration has shattered the party and its leadership.

Since the handshake, the country is facing a major financial crisis and blame has been shifted from the two allies, Ruto and Uhuru to Raila and Uhuru. The vice president is now clean and considers himself a man isolated from government responsibilities.

The Vice President is a dynamic and effective speaker as evidenced today. His explanation of the matter gave him a thumbs up. As he stood up to deliver his message, the crowd roared and became agitated. When he was given a microphone to apologize to the late Kibaki, he made a harsh statement that shocked Uhuru.

He claimed that Kibaki was the best president in Kenya to ever have him and this statement was not taken lightly. Many cheered and many took to social media to explain that Uhuru is the worst president he has ever had in Kenya in recent days.

Under his rule, many trade unions have been shut down as the country is no longer secure for trade. Kenyans took to social media to cover those who watched the speeches and for fun, the vice president had a lot more than Uhuru. The Head of State had less than five hundred spectators but Ruto had more than ten thousand spectators.

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