The first Kenyan has been vaccinated Against The Corona Virus.

The corona virus was never expected to last this long. T he first cases reported mid month March last year and measures put in place by the government to control the spread of the Wuhan Virus, Kenyan’s hoped for relaxation of the measures which meant maybe a drop of the infections but this day ever to be the country at some put in partial lockdown but hope is here at last.

A tear since pharmaceutical companies started the hunt for a vaccine several have been developed and Kenya’s first batch touched down earlier this week.

After speculations on who should receive the jab first a couple proposing that Uhuru the president be vaccinated first to do away with all doubt about the vaccine Patric Amoth has taken the bullet for the head of the nation.

Accha tungoje matokeo? Ama ni vipis?/ Comments on the comment -link to information.

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