The Kamiti of today is different from that in the story : Commissioner General of Kamiti Prison defends.

Over the past two days, the name of David Tett, a former prisoner of the Maximum Committee, has been circulating for all the wrong reasons following local media coverage claiming in detail how inmates at the security services would rob Kenyans of their hard work. . money.

A story titled “Inside the Prison Committee’s Telephone Station” showed how the inmate in charge, Tett, improved the art of deception by pretending to be a stranger and communicating with his victim in a British accent.

The revelation shocked some Kenyans who were shocked at how inmates found and used the equipment in what is said to be the safest prison in the country.

However, Kenyan prison authorities have denied allegations of fraud in the facility, saying the video was recorded three years ago.

John Warioba, Kenya’s Chief Commissioner of Prisons, said Tett was deported on July 22 last year and released two months later on September 9.

John Warioba

Warioba said the center has stepped up security to control such acts.

The Committee Committee has taken strong action to strengthen the protection and security of prisoners, officers and citizens. Today’s committee is different from the one depicted in the story of April 18, 2022, “Warioba said in a statement.

He urged the media to present the correct facts to the public in order to avoid misleading them.

“Whether it is a previously recorded story or clip, such as the one that is the subject of this commentary, it should be shown,” he said.

Warioba reassured the country of its commitment to ensure that correctional institutions achieve the goal of rehabilitating criminals.

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