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“The Patient arrived dead,” Nairobi West hospital clear their name.

Yesterday there was a viral video of a patient being neglected by the Nairobi West hospital doctors. The man who is reported to have brought her father to the hospital claimed that they had arrived the emergency area one hour earlier and asked for assistance but was unattended to.

Many Kenyans described this act as unfair and unethical because doctors take oaths of working without discrimination and negligence. The Nairobi hospital management has now cleared the air on the incident that occurred yesterday.

In an official communication later they have stated that the patient arrived to the hospital when he was already pronounced dead contrary to the rumors’ that he died while at the hospital facility. They also sympathised with the family and those associated to offer full support regarding the matter.

The medical administration office said that it is their mission and vision to offer good health services to those who are ill.

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