The Pluto; I have my own house but I have rented a 100k monthly apartment

Kenya’s YouTube presenter, Thee Pluto, famous for his popular YouTube show Thee Pluto Show, has now revealed some details about the huge amount of money he is transferring monthly and weekly.

It was after the 22-year-old recently moved into an apartment in the Kilimani area of ​​Nairobi from his Juja home.

During a Question and Answer session with her fans on Instagram stories, the YouTuber revealed shocking things when he claimed that he was paying more than Ksh100,000 in monthly rent despite already having a home.

The Pluto, a native of Robert Ndegwa Kamau, also claimed to have spent at least Ksh 7,000 a day, most of which he added was spent on fuel.

Responding to a fan who asked, “Are you staying in your cell or unarent?” You Pluto said; “I have a house but where I live now narent. Because of the high CBD activity, I try to save fuel as well.

“How much do you pay your rent?” He was asked by another fan, replied and said, “100,000+”

And about “How much do you spend per day?” Pluto replied, “I am not a swindler. Maybe 7K a day. Including 3K to 5K is fuel sanasana.

The Pluto has gained national fame through his loyalty tests on YouTube where he tries to gauge the couple’s daily fidelity in a state of hooliganism that he calls “wash”.

Thee Pluto, a former Kikuyu gospel singer, is currently in a relationship with fellow content producer Felicity Shiru, who has denied living with him.

The Instagram star is also the father of a kid with his college girlfriend who doesn’t want to reveal his name and face to the public.

His exposure to spending money, however, sparked ridicule and embezzlement from the public, with many dismissing the allegations as “hot air”.

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