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The Shakahola Cult: Al you need to know

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Shakahola Cult is a group of believers from Good News International church in Kilifi joining in faith and meeting at the Shakahola forest led by their pastor Paul Mackenzie to fast till death.

Paul is married to Joyce Mwikamba.He was a taxi driver before he became a pastor.He moved his ‘church’ to Shakahola in 2022.The pastor has been charged severally for his untruthful teachings..

Mackenzie was charged four times between 1997 and 2003 for his sermons but was acquitted each time due to lack of evidence. Mackenzie’s fishy activities were first flagged by Mayungu Children Rescue Centre in 2017. In 2017 about 93 children were rescued from Mackenzie’s church. He and some church members were arrested.

In October 2018, angry residents in Magarini, Kilifi County demolished one of his churches. In 2019, Mackenzie was arrested for inciting the public against registration for Huduma Namba by likening it to the Number of the Beast.

The church purports to be followers of the End Time Message of William Branham: Throughout his healing revivals, Branham was accused of committing fraud by investigative news reporters, fellow ministers, host churches, and governmental agencies.

Numerous people pronounced healed died shortly thereafter, investigators discovered evidence suggesting miracles may have been staged, and Branham was found to have significantly embellished and falsified numerous stories he presented to his audiences as fact.

How the Cult operates

  • The Children are not supposed to go to school
  • Incase one has educational certificates they should burn them to ashes
  • Women are not to shave their privates.
  • Sick people never to be taken to hospital
  • All the believers to live in his land now known as Shakahola
  • Every believer to fast till death since thats the only way to see God.

58 people have been confirmed dead till date and the pastor is still behind bars

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