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The TikTok queen born with four fingers on each hand and had her leg Amputated.

It’s not often that you find a disabled person who is so confident and is always positive in life despite the world been a cruel place. Alyssa Cleland , 23 years old, was born with Ectrodactyly , which is a condition that caused her hands not develop properly , resulting in Alyssa only having four fingers on each hand.

Later in life , at just the age of four Alyssa also had her right leg amputated due to rare condition paraxial tibial hemimelia, which caused Alyssa’s right tibia not to develop.


Despite these set-backs, Alyssa hasn’t allowed them to dictate her life, as with the help of wearing prosthetics, the young woman based in Dallas, USA, is now a para-dressage rider and regularly takes to TikTok to share aspects of her life and raise awareness.

“I fell Ectrodactyly hasn’t affected my life too much, I’ve been able to adapt them. They don’t cause pain or problems and I believe that my hands are superior ,” said Alyssa. She also enjoy riding horses.


I think she is so pretty, plus the confidence she wears makes her more prettier. What do you think? [leave your thoughts on the comment section.]

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