The U.S. space force: What it does

“The U.S. Space Force is the military service that plans, trains, and equips air forces to protect U.S. and allied interests in space and provide space capabilities to the joint force,” a statement on the website reads. of the new military branch.

USSF Guard

“The responsibilities of the USSF will include the development of the Guard, the acquisition of military air systems, the maturation of military doctrine for air power, and the organization of air forces for delivery to our combatant commands,” the statement added.

The Guard is what the US Air Force calls its highly trained personnel, and while the name may sound a little silly, the Air Force Guard is anything but.

The training process

The new Guardsmen go through the same basic training as any other branch of the U.S. military, but must also complete an additional 35 hours of training than their airman counterparts, according to’s Thomas Novelly.

“They learn about the origins of the new branch of the military service, international threats in space, and the various satellites under the branch’s control,” Novelly added.

Novelly also noted that Air Force recruits score higher on the Armed Services Technical Skills Battery than those in other branches, knowledge, according to the reporter, is important for the force to “strengthen its ranks.” “.

“Most of our work is focused on orbital warfare, space electronic warfare, or space warfare management,” Master Sergeant Daniel Hill said in a Space Force press release.

Detect threats.

“We launch satellites, hold them or reposition them if a threat is detected,” Hill added, before going on to say that the Air Force Rangers “also use radar to detect missile launches and track debris in the air to protect our space assets.

U.S. The Space Force is responsible for “operating and protecting” a network of satellites and ground stations used for navigation and tracking things like missile launches, according to Politico’s Bryan Bender, but it also handles GPS. \

“It’s everything from paying at the pump when you get gas to using your ATM, your smartphone that gives you GPS directions,” Air Force Col. Matt Anderson told Bender.

Jammers and space junk

According to Bender, the US Air Force is also involved with the US ground jammer and is also tasked with tracking debris and aerial debris.
For all its hype, the US Air Force has become an important part of America’s security and defense apparatus, but most people still don’t know what it actually does.

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