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The uncoordinated Bunge Fellowship choir at the National Prayer Breakfast

On June 7, 2023, several Kenyan politicians gathered to form a choir and perform at the National Prayer Breakfast held at the Safari Park Hotel on Thika Road in Nairobi. The theme of the prayer breakfast was “Reconciliation”.

The choir included politicians affiliated with Azimio and Kenya Kwanza such as Nairobi Representative Esther Passaris, Mugirango South MP Silvanus Osoro, MP Beatrice Elachi, Tana River Senator Danson Mungatana and Nyandarua Representative Faith Gitau, among others.

Dressed in black skirts and trousers paired with white shirts, ties and red scarves, the 18 politicians made their way – in line – to the stage where they lined up in whatever way they believed would best harmonize their voices for their musical performances.

Calling themselves the Bunge Fellowship Choir, Silvanus Osoro disclosed that they practice every Wednesday and plan to invite all parliamentarians with loud voices to join.

Before the start of their show, Muheshimiwa Osoro struggled to enable the band to work and he was heard arguing with one of them the guitarist whose guitar was not working before it was changed and finally they were able to start their show after about seven minutes. .

Finally, Senator Mungatana came forward to lead the choir. His directing seemed to consist only of swaying from side to side and waving his hands in front of him to direct the singers.

Their first song was a fast, modified version of Amazing Grace, in which one of the deputies sang completely mute – and was the only one with a microphone in his hand, with other microphones strategically placed in front of the other singers.

Silvanus Osoro later noticed that there were differences in voice, but they were all continuing to practice.

He then invited dozens of other parliamentarians to join them on stage as part of the main chorus; and they would be led by Honorable Imani Gitau. Without any arrangement, all the parliamentarians gathered loudly on the stage to sing the worship song Hakuna Mungu Kama Wewe loudly and without fanfare, almost to the sound of thunder.

Mr. Gitau did not make it easy to match and compare all the voices with his voice, and sometimes some leaders with loudspeakers were heard singing other poems than those intended by Faith Gitau.

Mr. Osoro also played different keys on the piano, turning the whole performance upside down – and telling his colleagues to come and practice next time.

And the presenter, Teacher, theologian and professional manager in various international organizations in the world, Lord Michael Hastings, praised the Parliament choir for saying that they have improved in their singing compared to previous years.

“Can I also congratulate the choir for the improvement, can I say a little improvement? If I said better I would be lying, but at least a little improvement. And may I suggest you look for Kenyan talent and a melon at least a decade together. So…it’s amazing when MPs sing. Let it inform your decisions,” said Mr. Hastings

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