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The upcoming 70 million high class pub in Narok.


The Superway Bar is the next most prestigious bar in Kenya. It has been under construction for the past two years and is expected to begin operations in September. Created by an engineer from the old-NYS. It took him about 3 months to design it and a year to complete its construction. The bar is said to be owned by one of Kenya Playabet’s gambling websites. It cost ksh 70 million.


The bar has more than twenty-one rooms and each room can accommodate more than ten people. It also has a swimming pool for recreational activities and private car parking. With the bar built on a hill near the road, it has become more attractive to many people as well as tourists from other countries.

The opening of this bar will help boost the country’s economy due to the greater number of potential customers. This will help in creating employment opportunities, as more people will be employed as bar servers. It will be one of Kenya’s world-class bars. .

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