Thee Pluto and Felicity announce they’re pregnant

Content maker Robert Ndegwa Kamau pseudonym Thee Pluto and his sweetheart Felicity Shiru have at last affirmed their pregnancy.

The youthful couple uncovered this on their Youtube channel to quiet the continuous babble from fans.

This is anyway not Pluto’s most memorable kid as he is a dad of one little girl whom he says haven’t found in quite a while inferable from their disturbed relationship with the child mom.

Several says despite the fact that they are invigorated, they are a piece terrified yet are good to go.

“From anything God has given, the youngster can’t endure on the grounds that, frankly, I have attempted to make speculations anywhere and attempted to take some protection covers zenye zinaweza saidia hapa na pale. Hawezi teseka,” Thee Pluto confirmed.

 file image of Thee Pluto and Felicity
A file image of Thee Pluto and Felicity

Their love journey

You Pluto and Felicity met in Naivasha in 2021 during the much-pitched Safari rally which occurred from June 24 to June 26 2021.

He presented her during the JKUAT grants around the same time.

As of late he was called out for what fans named to be abuse.

Pluto was, in any case, speedy to fire back noticing that he does most things with Felicity off web-based entertainment.

He additionally put any misinformation to rest, keeping up with that he won’t surrender to web-based entertainment pressure.

“Certain individuals will generally know my gf more than I know her. Sasa Fel mwenyewe hana shida. Sijaskia akiteta na mtu ni makasiriko yake anapost on the web.

“Unaniforce nimpeleke excursion juu uliona this and that amepelekwa. Wewe umepeleka wako? Unajua mfuko yangu iko aje? Kitu ingine kwani ni kila kitu italetwa online entertainment? Fagia kwako kwanza. These web-based couples zinaungua juu ya kuchukua prompt kutoka nje,” he said.

Thee Pluto discusses marriage plans

Notwithstanding the kickback, Thee Pluto has noticed that he is planning to wed his wonderful sweetheart.

He expressed that he is significant about the relationship and he desires to connect with Felicity soon.

“Mi napenda Fel. Furthermore, I anticipate connecting with her in something intense that can prompt marriage. That is the point,” Thee Pluto said.

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