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There’re no jobs, don’t comeback: Alfred Mutua warns Kenyans in Korea

Foreign Affairs Minister Alfred Mutua on Tuesday (November 22) advised Kenyans living in South Korea against returning home, saying there were no jobs available in the country.

Mutua urged expatriates to use their skills to help grow Kenya’s economy later when they return home.

He added that his ministry has a diaspora department that handles their needs and will manage the transition between Kenyans moving to South Korea and those leaving the Asian nation.

Mutua detailed the plan to raise funds to fund the Department of Diaspora to support more Kenyans seeking opportunities abroad, to enable those with the necessary skills to return and build Kenya.

“Why leave Korea with a good job to come to Kenya? Kenya’s economy is slowing down, there are no jobs in Kenya,” Mutua said.

Alfred Mutua

He pointed out that he had negotiated more scholarships for Kenyans with South Korean Foreign Minister Dr. Park Jin to increase the number of Kenyans seeking opportunities abroad.

“We are looking to bring more Kenyans and take leadership positions here in South Korea,” he revealed.

Alfred Mutua accompanied President William Ruto to South Korea on a three-day official visit by the Head of State.

Ruto arrived in Seoul, South Korea on Tuesday evening (November 22) for bilateral talks with his counterpart President Yoon Suk Yeol.

“Kenya is keen to expand its economic ties with the East Asian nation and explore areas of cooperation, especially in ICT, education, medicine and infrastructure,” Ruto revealed.

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