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There’s a male governor with gonorrhea: Mike Sonko expose.

United Democratic Alliance (UDA) politician Mike Sonko has caused a stir online after claiming that an incumbent governor was infected with gonorrhea.

Speaking on his Twitter account on Thursday evening, Sonko went on to tell Kenyans that he would benefit from more information.

“Kuna a male sitting governor ako na gonorrhea. Details loading…” Sonko wrote on his Twitter account.

Although the post sparked a lot of debate online, some of his followers turned the revelation against Sonko by using Google’s incorrect translation of the statement into Kiswahili.

Mike Sonko
A photo file of Mike Sonko

On January 12, 2022, researchers from the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) announced that a new type of gonorrhea, Super Gonorrhea, resistant to common antibiotics, was spreading in Nairobi.

KEMRI came to the conclusion after conducting a survey of more than 350 sex workers in Nairobi. Researchers found that at least three-quarters of participants have had unprotected sex with their clients because it pays more.

Some of them admitted to serving up to 29 men in two weeks.

However, the Ministry of Health has brought a ray of hope to the residents of Nairobi and Kenya in general, after saying that only one case was found in the samples they collected.

“This report is about a study conducted by KEMRI with escorts and among the parasites they looked at was Neisseria gonorrhea, the organism that causes gonorrhea.

“Among these there were a number of parasites resistant to common antibiotics, and in one person in particular, out of 400 samples, there was one that was resistant to almost all the drugs we gave him. say. Official Dr. Patrick Amoth.

What is super gonorrhea?
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), gonorrhea is a drug-resistant form of sexually transmitted diseases, gonorrhea. It cannot be easily treated using currently recommended prescriptions.

Why is the gonorrhea drug resistant?
According to the WHO, gonorrhea is the second most common sexually transmitted disease in the world after chlamydia. Common drugs used for treatment are antibiotics such as ceftriaxone and azithromycin.

The new type does not respond to these drugs for various reasons including; overused or poor quality antibiotics, genetic mutations and other diseases such as other sexually transmitted diseases.

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