There’s hope: Ruto post ahead of his inauguration

Only a couple of hours from his inauguration Kenya’s fifth President, President-elect William Ruto imparted an expression of desire to Kenyans.

” Umeskia President-elect H.E Dr. William Ruto hakuwa na viatu kama sisi ..Kuna matumaini brother,” read the post.

The post was made at 12:20 pm as his motorcade advanced toward Kasarani Arena.

Ruto has forever been open about his experience growing up, his life as a basic cows herder to now sitting down at the high table as Kenya’s fifth president.

He said Kenyans ought to be roused to ascend through the positions.

A file image of Ruto. inauguration
A file image of Ruto

Ruto once said of when he knew about establishing President Jomo Kenyatta’s passing as a young man.

“At the point when I heard the news I was tending to cows and ran home reasoning it was the apocalypse. I came from having no shoes to now finding a spot at the high table with the child of the establishing President,” he said in 2019.

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Today, he will be confirmed close by Rigathi Gachagua who will make vow as Kenya’s second Agent President.

A sum of 17 Presidents, eight Heads of the state and Representative Presidents and seven unfamiliar clergymen rabbit in participation at the introduction service.

The capability’s praiseworthy gatekeeper is supposed to be mounted by the 21st unit of the Kenya Rifles.

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