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Things you must talk about before marriage.

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Whenever of love bites dominates our emotions and for the most part we wonder about the dynamics of love. We think of him/her a lot and all we want to talk about is sweet things.

Once the rose-colored glasses come down, it indicates other deeper dynamics that are important in the relationship. Sometimes we think these things are obvious and we shouldn’t spend time only to find out that they can lead to the death of a relationship.

To prevent this from happening to you, here are the conversations you need to have during dating.

  1. Financial situation.

You will have seen him/her spending money here and there but that is not the whole story. How much does he/she earn? This is a valid question you should be asking. What is his/her source of income?

Does he/she live paycheck to paycheck or does he/she have other things on the side that improve his/her finances?

Try to study his spending habits as much as you can, even if you have just started dating. Is he a spendthrift or just taking you when he gets a discount somewhere?

Another difficult issue concerns the bank account. Do you want to have a joint account or will everyone have their own account? Be sure to analyze the best details of all.

  1. Their background.

You will be surprised by this, but some people find themselves in a marriage type situation without knowing where the relatives come from. As they say, one thing led to another and the next, you live together.

If you expect that this relationship will lead to marital status, then you need to talk about your history. You need to know its people, where they come from and all the things that are not pleasant to talk about but necessary.

Can you live with the reality of his world? What about his people? Sometimes you can get together so that his family is an obstacle. You know how stubborn in-laws can be.

  1. Does he/she think about the future?

You need to make sure that your projects complement each other. If one wants to travel the world and the other wants to settle down, it won’t work for either of you. Where do you want to live?

What? What do you want to achieve in your business or career? What will it take to achieve both? Be as detailed as possible about this so that you are prepared for any eventuality.

  1. Your non-negotiables.

You need to talk about things that you cannot tolerate in a relationship. Let them know from the beginning so that there is no room for surprises. It will also give him time to reflect on it and seek clarification.

For example, people argue about cheating behavior. What exactly is it and how does it manifest itself? Make sure he gets the memo.

  1. Are you getting married soon?

Don’t sit and wait thinking he is getting ready. You may be excited at the prospect of getting married, but he hasn’t thought about it yet. His ideal would be that you first live together and, somewhere in the future, get married.

Are you ready to settle for this type of arrangement? It is better to know this as soon as possible to avoid finding yourself in a situation where you beg him to buy a ring or buy a ring and ask him to put it on your finger.

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