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This is a corrupt country: Pastor at National Prayer breakfast.

The man of God has created tensed moments at Safari Park during the National prayer breakfast this morning after admitting that some political leaders are corrupt.

According to a video, the priest who was praying at the annual prayer breakfast at Safari Park admitted that many elected leaders are corrupt and plan to loot the resources of Kenyans for their own agenda, however he called for liberation and the direction of God. fulfill the promises they made during the campaign.

“Sir, we are far from a united nation, we are divided and divided, we admit that we have great political, ethnic and social and economic differences. Sir, we held a general election last year where there are winners and losers, however the conduct “is not pleasing to you. We confess that we are corrupt, many have planned to loot the common resources of this nation, Lord, we confess all these sins and we ask for forgiveness,” the Pastor said.

The prayer breakfast saw several political leaders grace the occasion, including the President, Dp Gachagua, among other leaders, Raila Odinga and his team ignored the occasion claiming to have another date.

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