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Three Kenyan identical triplets dating one man reveal that their parents support their relationship

Three identical twins from Kenya, Eve, Mary and Cate, have recently made headlines since publicly announcing they were dating a man known as Stephen, aka Stevo.

Parental support

On Saturday, April 16, the three twins and their partner during an interview with Citizen TV shared a detailed account of their mysterious relationship.

“He is a very humble person, he would rather have one of us than anyone else. I will know my sister is in good hands,” one of the three children said.

When asked what their parents thought of their relationship, one of the women replied:

“Yes, they do and they support our decision. They said as long as he is someone who will not let us down, someone who works hard … they support our happiness.”


“We tried to date different men but to no avail, sometimes they ended up disappointing us and we decided to have only one man so that if one of us was abused we could deal with him easily, we feel safe with him. . “

The sisters had a special relationship and asked if they were jealous, one of whom replied:

“We cannot be jealous of each other.

The twin’s boyfriend, Stivo, is a YouTube kid with 140,000 followers on his channel ad. He recently revealed that he will be organizing a public wedding.

“I proposed a public wedding to them and they agreed. I chose a joint wedding because I want the world to witness and tell others that anything is possible,” he said.

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