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Tiaty MP Kamket to be detained for 14days more.

Police want to arrest Tiaty MP William Kamket to conclude an investigation into his involvement in the Laikipia riots.
The Directorate of Criminal Investigation has filed a pending court application to detain Kamket for 14 days at Kaptembwo police station.

Mr Kamket was arrested on Wednesday afternoon in Baringo before being transferred to Nakuru.


He spent the night inside a police cell.

Police say lawmakers are suspected of plotting and inciting illegal pastoralists to raid Laikipia reserves and attack people.

In a series of September 9 requests, filed by the Deputy Senior Director of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Mr. Alloys Kemo, police are investigating murder, theft and violence, stock theft, property damage and incitement to violence.

The state insists that the manner in which the attacks were carried out showed early planning by orchesters and several intelligence as well as Lord Kamket.

Due to the difficulty of the ongoing investigation, DCI Laikipia County has requested assistance from DCI Nakuru County and sufficient time is needed to allow better coordination and investigation between the two offices, “one reads in the report. Part of the request.

Police say they need time to record eyewitness accounts, obtain autopsy reports from those killed in the clashes and track down other alleged criminals.

Mr Kamket is expected to appear in court soon when the allegations are heard

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