Tiktoker Aq9ine shares video of his swollen face after eating spider

TikToker Aq9ine has shared a clasp of his face enlarged, guaranteeing it’s an impact of eating a bug Meru TikToker professes to have eaten a bug.

Aficionados of the substance maker are utilized to his trying tricks, and they never saw this one coming their direction. The young fellow shared a clasp where he looked upset as he tingled his face professing to have eaten a bug delicacy.

An image of tiktoker Aq9ine swollen face
Aq9ine tiktoker image

He said: “Folks, make your last petitions before niendee mniombee before niende naskia nikama sina uso manze nafura fura kila pahali nimedishi bug [spider] this is occurring to my face man make your last supplications (Pray for me before I go I feel as I don’t have a face man I am expanding wherever I have eaten a bug)”

The substance maker, while putting his enlarged face as foundation, requested that the public let him know any final words they had. He stated: “Any final words”

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He likewise tossed pokes at concerned fans, letting them know they ought not be shocked since it was his life to live. , The substance maker uncovered in a meeting that cooking and eating grass was not a troublesome undertaking since he had done it various times. ” He additionally deplored that cooking grass doesn’t permit it to be prepared since the more it remained on heat, it evaporated.

The young fellow likewise added that whenever allowed an opportunity, he would evaluate cooking and eating snakes to fulfill his interest.

In a connected story, Sambazanews revealed that Aq9ine had shared he was nursing the impacts of eating bat meat weeks after he consumed the delicacy. He uncovered that four days in the wake of eating the bat, he began having serious chest torments, hacking and spitting blood.

The TikToker, nonetheless, stayed resolute that he would keep eating the creatures Kenyans think about unusual, similar to snakes and moles.

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