Timothy Lekolool, Uhuru’s ADC switches to Ruto’s side

Change of gatekeeper as previous President Uhuru Kenyatta’s confidant Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Lekolool changes to President William Ruto’s side.

This was seen following the instruments of force changed hands from Uhuru to Ruto.

Lt. Lekolool saluted and promptly got over and remained behind Ruto who was confirmed at 12:45 pm as Kenya’s fifth president.

Uhuru selected Kenya Naval force Lt. Lekolool as his Confidant (ADC) in 2018.

The ADC generally stands and goes with a si=eating head of state any place he goes.

Lekolool is a family man and Kenya Naval force fighter who left a mark on the world to turn out to be first Naval official to be named as an ADC in the country.

He is the child of the late Head Magistrate, Francis Lekolool.

A file image of Timothy Lekolool
A file image of Timothy Lekolool

Lekolool was selected just after his ancestor, Victor Mburu, passed on the task to additional his examinations on issues of Public safety.

He was Uhuru’s third guardian since he climbed to control in 2013.

A portion of the key jobs performed by Stelu away from the conspicuous saw remaining behind the President and opening entryways when the Head of State voyages incorporate detail pioneer, collaborator detail pioneer, strategic commandant, motorcade lead, advance lead, versatile specialist, static specialist and defensive insight specialist.

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