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Tips to help negotiate for your pay rise.

When it comes to negotiating your salary, treat it like a battle and prepare as you would for an uphill battle. The next time you get to that annual meeting to talk about your raise (sometimes you have to start the conversation…), at least make sure you do one or all of the following to make sure you’re in the best position to come out on top!

Do your research

This is the best thing to do before or during the exorcism. Find out the average salary of your colleagues as a gross annual salary. Do your research about your company, its pay policies and its annual benefits.

Research your industry and companies like the one you work for (in South Africa and overseas) in terms of what they pay their employees and what they do to get the money that the employee deserves, but apparently cannot provide.

Maybe they give you extra days off, maybe you work more flexible hours, maybe they offer free essential services like a therapist or lawyer, maybe they have free childcare… The list of possibilities is endless, do your research and negotiate from somewhere. of knowledge.

Get a local course

The biggest misconception that cripples employees is believing in the myth that they shouldn’t share their paycheck with other employees within their company. It’s a widely held myth, so I don’t blame them at all for thinking it’s true or valid. However, that is a lie, not only can you share this information with each other, but it is illegal for your company to prohibit you from doing so.

The Law on Basic Working Conditions states that “every employee has the right to discuss his work environment with his colleagues, his employer or any other person”.

Of course, you should be careful in how you do it – other people have the right not to share this information – but getting this information will help you a lot because it is more likely to find that someone you are working with, to find. a few thousand rand more than you, regardless of date of employment, age, qualification, race or negotiation skills among others.

So collect your ammunition, put it on the table (it’s wise to protect your sources if you can), open this debate, and then state your case.

Toot your own horn

The best weapon you have is you. You are brilliant! Otherwise, they wouldn’t hire you and “invest” in your growth. If you have annual KPAs (key performance areas), now is the time to show your boss how well you’re doing your job, how much you’ve improved since you started, and what the potential for growth is. you’re still gone

State your case and highlight the unique qualities you bring to the role you play at the company or how limited your skills are (and how in demand they are based on things like similar positions at other companies.)

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