Today my heart is very heavy: Jimmy Kibaki pays tribute to his father Mwai Kibaki.

Jimmy Kibaki, the son of retired President Mwai Kibaki paid tribute to his father by naming him as the best man.

“The old man has lived a good life. From the time he left Othaya village to the day he retired as President of this country, this journey has been a journey of excellence. Winning means strive,” Jimmy said at Kibaki’s funeral. Footsteps.

He went on to say;

“The old man loved Kenya and Kenyans with passion and it was that love and passion that almost made him dedicate his life to this country.”

“He dedicated more than half a century to serving Kenyans … he was a unique patriot of Kenya.”

Jimmy began by saying that he did not know if he would speak as he woke up sad.

“Today my heart is very heavy … I woke up with great sadness and loss.”

He spoke on behalf of the entire Kibaki family and thanked President Uhuru for his love and care for Kibaki.

“In his later years, as his health deteriorated, you personally ensured that he received the best possible medical care in Kenya and around the world.”

He also thanked the vice president who looked after the family later and supported them.

Jimmy is also a Kenyan citizen “who came to honor the Elder and wept with us, wept and offered our condolences, and told us sorry”.

“We realize as a family that the loss has been as great for Kenyans as it was for us … I remember thinking … If Mzee had woken up for a minute he would have wondered why all these Kenyans are leaving? why aren’t you at work? “

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