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Zendaya and Tom Holland confirm to be in a relationship.


Tomdaya fans cheer as Tom Holland and Zendaya finally seem to confirm that they are really dating, after being seen kissing in LA.

Rumors have been circulating about the couple ever since they were first announced to play in Spider-Man: Reunite, since 2016.

While they increasingly denied that they were just the best of friends, pictures of them with a romantic kiss found by Page Six told a completely different story.

Here is the full schedule of their friendship website:

July 2016: Tomdaya’s Instagram first
Shortly after it was confirmed that Zendaya and Tom would play next to each other in Spider-Man: Homecoming, they debated on social media pages – and mind. Of Spidey fans after their picture in the pool shared grams.

They did nothing to dispel the rumors, appearing together in the Comic-Con weeks later and making fun of the red carpet.

November 2016: Best photo of the magazine
They received their first pair cover in November, sharing a beautiful Hollywood Writer photo to celebrate the next generation list.

Zendaya blessed us with a cover photo on her Instagram page, saying it was an “honor” to share the role with Spider-Man himself.

July 2017: Zendaya denies love
Tom Holland and Zendaya
Tom and Zendaya take Spider-Man promotion: back home (Photo: WireImage)
Tomdaya hit the Spider-Man promotional road: back home hard, appearing on many red carpets and feasting together during the summer season. It was then that they had the first rumors to be matched.

In fact, a source told E! The news that they were dating, but they kept it private, adding, “They knew each other during the photo shoot. They became friends and started dating a few months ago.

“They are all great people. It’s okay that they’re together. Everyone agrees with them.

Without that, the actress Euphoria highlighted it all, claiming they had a secret romantic holiday together.

Taking Twitter to pour ice water on any relationship clue, he wrote, “Wait, wait… my favorite is when he says we’re going on vacation together HA!

“I haven’t taken vacation for years! Hbu @ TomHolland1996 ??? “, To which his colleague replied:” What? A press visit counts?

August 2017: “She’s one of my best friends”
Tom Holland and Zendaya
All eyes were on Tomdaya on every red carpet (Photo: Rex)
Zendaya again brought up rumors of an engagement in various conversations, telling the post, “She is a good person.

“She is my best friend. For how many months we have been forced to go on press visits together. There are very few people who will understand what it is in their 20s.

December 2017: Tom “meets parents”
While they were denying sex for the past few months, rumors surfaced again in December, when Tom was seen spending time with Zendaya and her parents in New York City, and spectators at the time. Claiming that he has “pleased his parents”.

Really, we are not surprised by that.

May 2018: Met Friends Gala

Tom spoke to the world when he took the time to celebrate the beautiful appearance of his “girlfriend” at the 2018 Met Gala, when he was wearing the best military football uniform of the year.

Saying exactly what we all thought, she shared a picture of Zendaya in all her Joan of Arc glory on her Instagram page, with the caption: “Hi Queen. Kill that friend.

This “partner” was not cheating on anyone, as he was forced to reconsider his relationship status the following month.

June 2019: Tomdaya handles rumors of love
Dear Marvel spoke to Elle where she vowed not to be in a relationship and chose to focus on work.

They also took part in a joint interview with ET Canada, where they admitted that the constant gossip “was theirs, not” in fact “was boring”.

Zendaya added, “It comes with a location, like, we know what we registered… That’s right.”

In addition to Tomdaya’s concept for seconds, Zendaya was later linked to Euphoria, his colleague Jacob Elordi, while Tom was linked to Olivia Bolton at the same time.

February 2020: Zendaya and Jacob Elordi are warm
Zacob (works?) They were photographed together in New York City, by a witness who saw E! News: “She seemed very happy to be with him. At one point, he stretched out his hand and kissed her on the forehead.

“He had a big smile on his face and he was very comfortable around them.”

May 2020: Tom “quarantine” with his secret girlfriend
Tom is reportedly dating Nadia Parkes, with the Daily Mail claiming they have been dating secretly for months – and the couple are thought to have split up at their London home.

2020: Zendaya and Jacob separate
If anything was going on between Zendaya and Jacob, it was officially completed, as at that time he started dating model Kaia Gerber. He praised the alleged former man in a conversation with Vanity Fair, emphasizing, “He is strong in him and has many talents. Such a lover.

March 2021: Tom talks about Zendaya nursery
Tom Holland and Zendaya
Tom has opened up about his close relationship with Zendaya (pictured in 2017) (Photo: FilmMagic)
Tomdaya’s rumors resurfaced when Tom spoke of their close relationship with the British company GQ, revealing a few wise words he gave her at the beginning of their journey together.

“Talking to Zendaya has helped me a lot, really,” he said. “I used to look a little small to the fans at times, especially because I was so surprised that they wanted a picture with me or a signature or whatever.

“I would have a typical London response, one of the most immediate suspicions: ‘Why are you talking to me? Zendaya discovered this and quickly told me that this kind of response would be more aggressive than just smiling and taking pictures.

“He has completely changed the way I can be better in public.”

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