Top 3 outspoken and vocal celebrities who died few days after mocking God.

90% Of the public knows that mocking God is one of the ‘biggest’ sins one can do. The Bible highly educated members of the public that one should not be deceived to mock God. Galatians6;7 reads,” Do not be deceived , God cannot be mocked. Aman reaps what he sows.”

1; Tancredo Neves


Tancredo Neves was a Brazilian president who once mocked God during his campaigns. Tancredo declared strongly that if he got 500,000 votes from his own party, not even God would remove him from Presidency.

It was unfortunate for him that he got all the votes he longed for but again he fell sick and died before his swearing.

2; Cazuza.


Cazuza was also a Brazilian artist. He was a bisexual human being who mocked God by dedicating a Cigarette smoke unto Him. He puffed his cigarette and on letting the smoke out, he said, “God that smoke is for you!”

Too unfortunate for him that he suffered lung cancer from the cigarette smoking that became severe resulting to his death.

3; Marily Monroe


Marily Monroe was a movie filmer and she mocked God through Billy Graham. a man of God who sent to evangelize her.

IN her response , Marily Monroe sarcastically and mockingly told the man of God that she did not need Jesus.

Too unfortunate for her that she was found dead a week later . she committed suicide.

I feel like most people when they get the money and the fame, they forget the Man who gave it to them. They feel like they own the world and everything i it , forgetting that they cannot be able to buy the air they breathe.

The reason for writing this article is to remind ourselves that we may have it all, but let’s not forget about the most High who wakes us up and give us the strength and favor to gather all the riches.

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