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Tough times ahead: Cost of maize flour to rise

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Kenyans must be prepared to face the difficult economic situation ahead as the price of maize flour is expected to rise next week amid political concerns over election campaigns.

This comes after lesbians said they were running out of savings, citing a shortage of maize and the preservation of this valuable commodity by neighboring countries.

Following the upcoming economic crisis, Kenyans will have to dig deeper into their already worn out to support their families.

How much will it cost per pack of corn flour

For a 2 kg package of maize flour at a cost of Ksh 140, one will have to dig deeper and pay Ksh 200.

According to the report, the Chief Accountant of Kitui Maize Factory, Paul Miiri, felt that the government had failed to intervene despite being informed of the current situation.

Miiri also noted that the company has not received new shares for three days, arguing that it will have to find other solutions such as importing maize from other countries if the situation continues.

“We have asked the government unsuccessfully to promise Tanzania to send maize to Kenyans. “Tanzania is storing maize, while retailers have raised prices by 2,000 shillings per sack,” Miiri said.

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