Tourists banned from Maasai Mara after viral video with leopard.

The Narok County government has banned visitors from the Oltepesi camp from entering the Masai Mara National Park.

This decision follows a video that has circulated social networks of tourists very close to the leopard.


A male tourist is seen next to the animal when the car door is opened. He is playing with an animal trying to take a picture with a camera on his phone.


The client on video and car has also been suspended indefinitely.

A statement from the park’s general manager, Christine Koshal, stated: “It simply put the tourist’s life in the mud as well as your life as a guide.”

She said all entry points should ensure that instructions are applied.

In the same breath, Kaps, who is a Maasai Mara ticket agent, has been asked to ensure that no activities are carried out by the parties mentioned.

Koshal said the law was contrary to gardening laws and regulations and wildlife conservation values in general.

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