Transfer news; Real Madrid interested in Diogo Dalot.

Real Madrid would be tourist attractions on Manchester United Downt Dalot Dalot right in the window of summer transfer.
According to the Portuguese report, Correio de Manha, as a witness witness, Diogo Dalot appeared on Real Madrid Rada. The Spanish Giants seemed a Manchester United as the choice of “revive” their protection and can fight AC Milan for its services in the window of the summer transfer.

Diogo Dalot arrived Manchester United of FC Porto largely considered one of the world’s best advocates while also having the seal of Jose Mourinho. However, during his two full seasons in Old Trafford, the back back record failed as the first decline in the first election, fighting for the user in Antonio Valencia or Aaron Wan-Bistakaka.

With Ole Gunnar Solskjaer does not show much, Manchester United Herphe Dalot off the loan activities of AC Milan season. When a 22-year-old was not repeated in San Siro or, it seemed to be an important option of Stephen Police and promoting 34 exhibitions during imitation and two goals and three assistants. And the Dalot now emerges on Real Madrid Rada.

Mérengues must enter the transfer market by returning this summer right, despite the renewal contract signed by Lucas Vazquez. This can be possible to show that Vazquez is used in the attack again in the attack, leaving Dani Carvajal and Alvaro odriozola as an option for the correct slot of Real Madrid.

As a result, the desire to sign back is understandable, considering that Odriozola faces Real Madrid this season in the middle of Inter and AC Milan. With Dani Carvajal in trouble and other fitness problems this season last season, is a reasonable movement of Real Madrid to sign the return to the right to this end, now they have their views of the Defender Defender of Manchester.

Interest comes directly from director Carlo Ancelotti, and Los Blancos next 22 years, who is considered to be the choice of “revive” their protection, according to Correio de Manha (Witness H / T Sport). In addition to Real Madrid, AC Milan is also interested in Manchester United Talot.

Which now remains to see as Real Madrid ends up giving hatred to the dalot in the window of the summer transfer, or if they insist on earlier on the other right, and Giovanni di Lorenzo and Denzel dumfries among those involved. For Dalot, the future in Manchester United seems to be dark.


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