Transport CAS Chris Obure resigns to focus on Kissi Governorship bid.

The Secretary General of the Administration of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development (CAS), Chris Obure, has resigned to join politics ahead of the August elections.

At a press conference attended by Cabinet Minister James Macharia on Wednesday, Obure resigned a few hours before the deadline to join the Kisii governorship race.

“I intend to run for the post of Kisii County Governor. I want to thank the President for the opportunity he has given me to serve the nation,” he said.

Obure, who has served as the Transport CAS since 2018, has revealed that he will run for governor under the United Nations Declaration.

Here is the video of him resigning ;

“The current Kisii governor, James Ongwae, has systems in place. What we need is a good manager to ensure that the available resources have an impact. I believe I am the best person to take the county to the next level, ”Obure said.

CS Macharia thanked CAS Obure saying he has been instrumental in the transport and infrastructure file, suggesting it is more suitable for voters in Kisii County.

“Even the president has helped Obure because he knows he is important and has a good ability to present to Kenyans,” Macharia said.

CS Transports et Infrastructures, which also lost two CASs in political offices, stated that the current change is not easy.

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