Tras-Nzoia villagers chase away police for attempting to arrest the village Changaa brewer

On Sunday, April 10, Trans Nzioa County police raided the Chang’aa pit in Bwake village, intent on arresting a prominent brewer.

However, their attempt was met with strong opposition from drunken soldiers and villagers who attacked the officers in an effort to prevent them from arresting the brewer.

At the time of the incident, police had raided Mulati farm following his wife whose detectives say her brewing skills are unique.

However, Mulati’s wife started firing and alerted the entire village to the presence of unwanted invaders, the police.

Villagers and other protesters marched in large numbers, storming the offices and throwing stones and shells at them.

As the missiles advanced, the police were forced to retreat to define their strategy.

They had to shoot several shots into the air to scare away the crowd who were crying for their blood. The sergeant in charge of the operation ordered his men to arrest the woman and her husband.

In the operation, two people were seriously injured and taken to Kitale Referral Hospital for specialist treatment.

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