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True to her words, Vera Sidika was all glamoured up in the labour room.

Kenyan socialist and entrepreneur Vera Sidika has redefined the concept of a luxurious birth.

Yesterday, she welcomed her young daughter, Asia Brown, to a Nairobi hospital. She found a private room with several advantages such as a shower shelf, living room, wide bedroom, among other amenities.

Many Kenyan women are associated with childbirth and pain and conflict. Not Vera Sidika. It was an opportunity to kill. Mini vacation.


“After a successful operation and seeing my baby come out crying, my God. Once I talked to her, she was silent, she knows her mother’s voice from the womb. I can’t wait to share these videos for a day,” Vera ran to her Instagram Stories.

In another mini clip, Vera is returned to her room after the operation and confesses,

“Anyone who said CS surgery was very bad and it hurt a lot. I felt zeeeero pain, think. I swear to god it was the best decision of my life !!! Only me after surgery.”


She added: “My family is amazed that I was awake and active immediately after the operation. My mother is happier than everyone else.”

To enjoy the luxury, Vera and Brown had to make a lot of money.

Nairobi Hospital provides packages for prenatal, labor and maternity services. For Childbirth, Vera probably gave us Ksh 60,000

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