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Twist in Mp Sankok son’s death.

MP-elect David Ole Sankok was interviewed for the second time by officials from the Department of Criminal Investigation (DCI) about the inconsistency of information provided by the family about his son’s death.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, May 5, Narok County DCI chief Mwenda Ethaiba said they were investigating the possibility of a second weapon in the case.

The police chief said preliminary investigations indicated that the weapon they had previously taken for the ballistic examination may not have been the one used in the shooting incident.

Ethaiba said he would issue a full report on the progress of the investigation within 24 hours.

“Unlike other guns, the shotgun produces pellets. No ammunition or cartridges were found,” he said.

Additionally, police say they will investigate how the high school student obtained access to a weapon that was allegedly placed in a safe.

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