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Two Chinese Citizen begs for fare back to their country in Nairobi street.

A Chinese national has been camping along Ring Kilimani Road for several days, urging Kenyans to donate money to buy a plane ticket home.

The woman was seen sitting on the street, a few meters from Yaya station, with her neighbor urging passersby to donate and help her return to China.

She was receiving donations in cash and through mobile money, with an open shopping cart and a poster stating her billing number and Kenyan phone number.

“If you want, help. He just asked for help. All you have to do is send money, ”urged some Chinese contributors.

The Chinese woman was receiving cash and mobile money, claiming she was bankrupt.

They both claimed that the woman had been desperately in need of help since she went bankrupt in Kenya.

However, a few Kenyans were skeptical of his support and insisted that he should seek help from the Chinese Embassy.

The debate revolved around why he was begging on the street, but he could easily have been sent home.

But her friend stood up for her, insisting that they were stuck anyway.

“What’s wrong with a Chinese man asking for money? She does not work? We do not work. I just want to help her, ”he insisted.

“But she has two expensive phones. Can you sell me a phone? asked a voice in the background.

As confrontation with people who doubted her grief intensified, the besieged Chinese woman decided to defend herself, insisting that she had no choice but to reach out to Kenyans who were generous and kind.

“I want to go home,” she cried.

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