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Two found guilty of using witchcraft to con woman millions of money.

Naaman and Nassir are absent, the witch is also in hiding.

Lacking a choice, Ms Okumu reported the matter to the police.


After losing her husband in 2008, Ms Rose Nafula Okumu decided that she must start her life in Belgium.
She did not want to give up her property worth more than the 70 million shillings she had inherited from her late husband Frank Carlel Bullens, so she decided to sell it before moving to Europe.

The apartments were located in Diani, Kwale County. However, buyers did not come as fast as she expected despite the property being advertised for almost two years. So a friend advised her to seek help from a witch.

She was joined by Mbarak, a magician, and Musa Mohamed Naaman, who had given her his charms to help with the rapid sale of apartments.

They visited the offices of Mbarak where Naaman evaluated the situation after reading her palms and concluding that she should offer a bull for worship.

She was then taken to a house where most of the money was kept and told that the money was intellectual.

Then she started giving money to the witch so that the house could be sold.

Fortunately, the buyer came forward in September 2012 and the apartments were sold for 55 million shillings. The transaction was facilitated by a lawyer, who transferred the money to him.

From her account, it appears that the witch’s visit brought confusion to her mind and after receiving the money, she gave Naaman Sh 30 million.


She also transferred online from her account to Nassir Musa Mohamed, who was introduced to her as Naaman’s cousin because she (Naaman) did not have a bank account.

Naaman told her that they were building a house for her in Bamburi, so she kept sending money to him whenever he asked for more.

During her many trips to the cave, where he encounters snake sculptures and other Asian men, she changes her mind and offers an idea to stay in Belgium and decide to stay in Kenya.

It was in this cave that she would withdraw money from her bank account and bring it to the witch for sacrifice. After spending all her money in this way, she regained consciousness.

Naaman and Nassir are absent, the witch is also in hiding. Lacking a choice, Ms Okumu reported the matter to the police.

The investigation began, and in 2017 Naaman and Nassir were arrested and arraigned in Shanzu court on several counts of fraud and money laundering.

They were accused of obtaining 12.7 million shillings from Nyali’s property on 13 September 2012 claiming that they could build a house for Ms Okumu.

They were also accused of receiving Sh5 million from the woman for falsely claiming that they would increase it to Sh58 million.

In her testimony, the woman told Senior Resident Magistrate David Odhiambo that after spending all the money, she did not see any house or suspects.

He said that initially the witch agreed to help him attract customers at a cost of Sh25,000, which he paid, but he was not sure how he ended up losing Sh 33 million.

“Mbarak came to my business and offered magic. I found an assortment of ivory, animal skins and other materials. I thought Mbarak was a great magician, ”he said.

Ms Okumu said she later found out that it was Naaman who had donated the house and that Mbarak had read the books while guiding her to provide the materials.

“On the first day, I heard a voice, but no one came out of the defendant. I met a genie in the caves, he was a human being dressed in red. It was Naaman who sent me there, ”he said.

He testified that the last time he met a genie with a suspect, he was assured the house was ready, but he was never shown the house.

“When I met Naaman, I lost my mind and lost my desire to go to Europe. So I changed my plans to go to Belgium so that I could calm down, ”he said, adding that Naaman was giving him a drink.

A bank statement released by the court shows that the woman transferred or paid 33 million shillings. Sergeant Johnson Wambulwa, who investigated the case, confirmed the figure, adding that the woman sold three cars and gave Naaman all the money.

In defense, the suspects denied receiving any money from the woman. Naaman said he met Ms Okumu when she went to Mbarak and found him there.

He said this is when he learned that the woman had property that he wanted to sell. He connected it with the buyer and never followed what happened after that.

“At that time I was called in Tanzania and was informed that the police were looking for me with the money lost by Ms Okumu,” he said, adding that he did not receive his commission later. Sale of the property.

Nassir also denied receiving any money from the woman or ever met her with Naaman, who she said she only met at the police station.

He said he also learned about the money lost when he was called by the police. “I felt bad that 7 million shillings were withdrawn from my account without my knowledge,” he said.

They were led in their defense by their lawyer Eugene Wangila.

Naaman and Nassir were found guilty and convicted of defrauding the woman.

Judge Odhiambo said the case, as narrated by Ms Okumu, was ridiculous and tragic, and she wondered how a sane adult was confused in the magic spell caused by greed or madness.

“He was exposed to ruthless miscreants who hung on to someone who wished he could swallow a hook, smooth and sink and find himself (almost) poor,” the judge noted.

Mr Odhiambo added that “one would ask: how can an ordinary person sell a property for 55 million shillings and lose it all to pieces until it dries up?” Beliefs are not shared by many, but those who practice spiritism do so to the extent that they cannot be otherwise convinced ”,

Naaman and Nassir are awaiting their sentence. The court, however, gave them 10 days to reach an agreement with Ms Okumu on how she would return the money or lock them up. The verdict will be announced on September 24.

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