Two families suffer loss after their loved ones were killed separately over memory cards.

Two families mourn the loss of their loved ones, after their loved ones were killed in separate incidents for asking for their memory cards.

In one of the most shocking incidents that occurred last week in Busia County, DCI said a 21-year-old man known as Owino was killed by a man George Oduori, using a machete, when he went to ask for his memory card. back.


DCI further narrated that Oduori killed Owino on the spot and buried his remains in a deep grave on his farm, in the dark.

“Unbeknownst to the deceased, Oduori was so impressed with the contents of the memory card that he could not imagine abandoning it, preferring to kill its owner instead,” DCI said.

When Owino went to Oduori’s compound at 9pm on a horrible night and made his request for a small storage device, an angry Oduori beat him, leaving him dead in a pool of blood.

“It was not until Friday evening that Oduori’s wife reported the October 2 incident to police, allegedly after a week of bold threats from her husband,” DCI added.

Police have since arrested the suspect and locked him in the grave, awaiting a burial order and a post-mortem examination.

Elsewhere in Nairobi’s Huruma region, a family mourns the tragic death of their schoolboy, who was stabbed by a friend when he (the deceased) asked for his memory card on Friday night.

DCI said the Form 3 student suffered two burns to his head and a third to his chest, when his attacker, who did not want to return the storage device, stabbed him and attacked him.

Members of the public who found the 19-year-old boy writhing in excruciating pain rushed him to a local hospital, where he lost consciousness while undergoing treatment.

The search for the culprit who fled immediately after the heinous act continues.

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