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Two ladies fight over church choir leader in Murang’a.

Residents of Murang’a town were left wide eyes open as they witnessed two ladies fight over a church leader.

It’s very unfortunate that the leaders that people can entrust their lives with are slowly turning not trustworthy.

According to the congregation, the two ladies got into a fight after realizing they were eyeing the same man. Ruth Njambi and Sarah Wangeci are the names of the ladies.

One of the witnesses said that they heard noises from the parking lot and went to check on what was going on. To their shock, they met the two ladies fighting shamelessly IN front of church members.

Another anonymous church member revealed that,, the man in question was their church choir leader. They say the man cuteness is what is driving the ladies crazy. The leader takes advantage of his beauty to entice the ladies in the church.

The two ladies confessed that the man, Anthony Kamau had promised to marry each of them . They discovered this while they were conversing.

Sarah said they had dated for an year and they had met with his parents promising them to get married.

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