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Two men and one woman found dead while holding to each other in a lodging

Two men and a woman have been found dead in a lodging in Nairobi pipeline in a shocking incident.

The three, whose mouths were intercrossed and held to each other, witnesses and police said.

But one of the men was bleeding from his mouth and nose when the bodies were discovered Monday afternoon.

Police called the incident a mystery, but added that they were investigating the deaths to determine what happened at the residence.

Detectives at the incident said they suspected sect was involved in the incident.

However, there were no signs of breaking or fighting in the room, prompting police to conclude at this time that it could be suicide.

The victims have been identified as Philip Murefu Simiyu, 63, and Boniface Muchiri Waruiru, 28, with the woman still unidentified.

The owner of the Lounge Chairman’s Guest House said the three men entered around noon on Monday night.

When they rented a room, the supervisors thought they wanted to have some fun.

But they failed to leave the room on Monday afternoon as planned.

The attendant said there was no response from him, forcing him to call the superintendents and police who had broken through the window to find the room about two o’clock on Monday night.

It was then that they discovered the condition of the bodies.

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