Two officers who helped us escape are yet to be arrested; Kamiti escapees speaks.

The two guards who helped plan the escape from the Kamiti prison were not among the accused.

One of the three convicted terrorists told a court judge he was afraid of being returned to the Committee because the two guards could force them to pay for the mission’s failure.

kamiti escapees; image/courtesy

“There are two guards who helped us plan our escape from the Committee but they were not charged,” Musharaf Abdalla Akhulunga said.

Speaking to Coffee Court Chief Magistrate Diana Mochache, Akhulunga said he knew them by name.

“I am ready to identify them if they are presented. “Our lives would be in danger if we were sent back to the Committee,” the prisoner said.

Mochache asked him to give him the names with confidence and said he would submit them to the investigative team.

The judge informed that Akhulunga was recording another report to the Terrorism Police Unit for further action.

Akhulunga, however, did not end there. He further told the court that some of the tools used to help them escape from prison had not been presented to the court.

The detective presented as evidence two blades, a blanket, nails, chisels, mattresses and a temporary level.

“I do not see the scissors we used to cut the blanket into pieces that we ended up using as a string. The knife and other hook are also missing, “he told the court.

“The two edges of the photocopy paper are also missing. We used white photocopy sheets to cover the hole in the wall. Since they are the same color as the cell walls, it would not be possible to distinguish them.” , announced.

Also on display is a portion of the soap that the prisoner said he was filling and covering the hole before sticking the sheets.

“The soap acted like glue. It was not presented either,” he said.

The famous Zarkarawi Akhulunga, Mohammed Ali Abikar and Joseph Juma Odhiambo aka Yusuf confessed to the chief justice on Monday how they were released from the Kamiti maximum security prison on or around November 15.

Both have been charged with terrorism-related offenses. The fourth partner in the cell was paralyzed and could not stand it.

After pleading guilty to evading legal imprisonment, both were sentenced to 15 months in prison, serving a term of imprisonment after serving their current sentence.

Thirteen prison guards, including Kamiti prison boss Charles Mutembei, have been charged with aiding and abetting the three terrorists.

They were released on Monday on Sh200,000 cash bail, with the exception of Mutembei whose bail was set at Sh300,000. The prosecution did not object to their release on bail.

Another suspect, Willy Wambua, who was the only manager without a lawyer, received a bond of Sh50,000.

Mochache ordered them not to contact any witnesses. All defendants with travel documents were also required to present the document in court.

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