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Uhuru 8years has seen borrowing of 5+trillion more than in 34 years of Moi and Kibaki.

under Uhuru’s government borrowing sustain the countries expenditure has been normalized, from one nation to another Uhuru has signed agreements to get funds in order to keep his government up and running.

During Moi’s time in 24 years he borrowed sh629 billion only and the countries economy was affordable unlike now with much borrowing, one cannot afford the basic needs due to hard life.

Then came former president Kibaki . In his ten years he only borrowed sh1.2 million which is justifiable as he built the mega super Thika highway and it was at his last term that was accompanied with many happening, most noticeable is having to brought the country back to it’s feet after we shredded and tore it back in2007-2008 due to political in-differences. After violence calmed he managed to sustain the economy and at least, at least at his time life was bearable.

Come Uhuru’s time, 8 years only at the helm of the country sh5.3 trillion had already been borrowed, his term is not yet over, life is quite difficult, for instance, a block of bread 400grams minus one slice is going for sh60.

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