Uhuru’s car gift was Ruto’s idea – Mp Mwirigi reveals as he defend his move to UDA

Igembe South MP (MP) John Paul Mwirigi now claims the car gift from President Uhuru Kenyatta was the idea of ​​Vice President William Ruto.

Speaking to the media after a public dispute with Agriculture Minister Peter Munya, Mwirigi dismissed allegations that he was insulting Uhuru by changing allegiance to Ruto.

Mwirigi claimed that the gift came from the two, noting that the idea came from the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) presidential candidate but was implemented by the Head of State.

“President Kenyatta bought the car after Deputy President Ruto told him that the best gift the presidency could give me was to facilitate my work through mobility,” the MP politely objected to the Minister.

He reprimanded his critics for leaving the UDA, noting that Uhuru did not oppose his action. In addition, the first MP noted that the Head of State did not use the vehicle to bind him to follow him.

“Even the president himself never came to tell me that the car he gave me was intended to ask him to support everything he said,” the youngest Kenyan MP said.

Mwirigi responded to Munya’s words by insulting the young MP by biting the finger that fed him. The SC felt that the president held his hand as he entered politics and deserved more respect

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